The Trafalgar brand offers a range of superior crafted quality bladed tools, which are designed for superior cutting ability, operator comfort, durability and long life. The range includes both handcrafted and machine engineered tools from footrot shears through to pen knives.

Sheep Shear Trafalgar Turkish Pattern D/B 159mm Sheep Shear Trafalgar Double Bow Straight 90mm Sheep Shear Trafalgar Double Bow Bent 165mm

Trafalgar Hand Shears are a traditional double bow pattern made from high carbon steel. Boasting hand forged, high quality blades that have been hardened and tempered. Hollow ground and hand set by blade specialists, to give optimum performance. The range includes Small Dagging Shears, Standard Dagging Shears with Bent or Straight Handles and Shearing Shears with Bent or Straight Handles.

Trafalgar Footrot Shears are high quality shears manufactured to precise standards, for guaranteed long life and performance. This range includes Trafalgar Heavy Duty Footrot Shears and Trafalgar Lightweight Footrot Shears. The heavy duty shears are made from high quality tempered steel and heat treated precision ground blades for strength and supreme sharpness. Then the lightweight shears are also high quality shears, with a strong cut that are easy to handle and manoeuvre around cleats.

A Trafalgar Sheep Shear Sharpener is also available to assist with keeping shears and bladed tools sharp. This handy pocket sized sharpeners simple and effective, perfect for sharpening Trafalgar bladed tools.