Si-Ro-Mark is the world’s most widely used sheep branding fluid and though long lasting is still completely scourable and approved by Wool Marketing Boards worldwide.

Si-Ro-Mark can be used in conjunction with a paint branding iron to mark around 1,000 sheep from a 5 litre can. Paint branding irons are available from Cox Agri in every letter of the alphabet, so securing the initial relevant to your flock couldn’t be easier.

Si-Ro-Mark is available in 5 bright, clearly visible colours - red, blue, green, orange and purple, allowing you to use your traditional mark and colour, along with the reassuring performance you should expect from a unique 21st century manufacturing process.

Si Ro Mark provides a cost effective means of marking and identifying your herd, costing just 3p per mark. With sheep rustling on the rise around the UK, Si-Ro-Mark branding fluid and a paint branding iron represent an excellent investment. This simple identification method is easy to use and can help prevent raids that would cost you thousands of pounds and years of work.