Cox Agri are the proud owners of QWIKEiD, a range of electronic ear tags for cattle and sheep that have become the choice of British farmer’s. All QWIKEiD tags are manufactured at our headquarters in Durham, enabling us to ensure quality control and an excellent response rate to our customers requirements.

QWIKEiD tags are made from durable, high quality plastic and are easy to apply. QWIKEiD tags are specifically designed to ensure high retention, resulting in fewer torn ears and tag losses, reducing the risk of having to keep livestock on-farm while you apply replacements or order replicas. Encased in every QWIKEiD tag is a high quality Swiss-engineered transponder. QWIKEiD tags can be read at a glance thanks to quality laser-marking that is permanent and clear. From plastic and transponder selection to programming and lasering, every aspect of a QWIKEiD tag is focussed on providing reliability.

QWIKEiD tags are available in combination with high performance QWIKvisual tags for breeding ewes and goats or ordered as slaughter/batch tag for lambs intended for slaughter within 12 months of birth.

QWIKEiD tags offer flexibility, readability and reliability even in the harshest field conditions. You can view a demonstration of QWIKEiD tags and the QWIKEiD tagger below.

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