NJ Phillips

N J Phillips products are designed and manufactured in Australia, they are built from the highest quality raw materials to withstand everything that farming conditions can throw at them. Phillips Drenchers and Vaccinators give reliable trouble-free operation in even the harshest conditions and have been trusted for generations by farmers worldwide.

Phillips precision drenchers have administered over 30 billion accurate doses to animals across the world, giving an accurate dose every time with no wastage. One of the world’s most popular and accurate drenchers is the 20ml Auto Drencher. A precision engineered metal construction and in-line testing during manufacture ensures the very best quality. All doses are adjusted in seconds, for economic and efficient use of drench. The range also includes the 10ml Lamb Drencher and plastic constructed drenchers ranging from 12.5ml to 150ml barrels.

Phillips also provides a range of Vaccinators. This includes the ‘Repeater Vaccinators’ that are easy to use and hassle free. Fill direct from the bottle, set the dose and start injecting, available in 25ml and 50ml options. For a vaccinator with a bottle attachment the 5ml EZI-GRIP is lightweight and easy to use providing a range of bottle attachments depending on the size, however the 5ml Auto Vaccinator has a robust metal construction available with bottle attachment or feed tube also available as a 2ml vaccinator. The 5ml Semi-Disposable Vaccinator concludes the range, made from high quality plastic this vaccinator is one of the most popular plastic vaccinators in the UK. This is also available as part of the Sterivax Pack which gives up to 300 automatically disinfected and accurate injections.