Kamar Heatmount™ Detectors provide accurate and reliable heat detection in dairy cows. Kamar can identify night heats too, it works 24 hours a day, even in extreme weather.

Accurate and reliable heat detection is essential in a profitable breeding programme and identifying cows in heat increases conception rates, reduces calving intervals and lowers insemination costs. Each Kamar Heatmount™ Detector has a positive impact on herd profitability. Missing a cow in heat costs as much as £4.60 a day, reducing the profitability of a herd*.

Kamar Heatmount™ Detectors give a clear indication of a cow in heat by turning bright red when mounted, which is clearly visible from a distance. Kamar is also available in blue cloth for additional management options.

Standing heat behaviour is the most reliable indication of a cow in heat, but with 70% showing the first signs of heat during the night, many night heats are missed without reliable heat detection. Kamar Heatmount™ Detectors have a unique pressure-sensitive design and are only activated by standing heat behaviour, not false mounting.

Kamar Heatmount™ Detectors are the reliable choice to identify cows in heat, they can be used after insemination to detect a return to heat and also to determine when cows return to cycling after calving. * SAC figures