Cox Agri is the exclusive distributor for Heiniger shearing and clipping equipment in the UK. Heiniger is a Swiss family owned company with a rich heritage, supplying market leading animal clippers and shearing equipment since 1965. The manufacture of Heiniger equipment combines precision engineering and advanced design to ensure exceptional product quality, a symbol of Swiss engineering.

Heiniger shearing equipment and Heiniger clippers are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials for unbeatable reliability and longer lasting equipment. Perhaps that’s why in research users said Heiniger clippers out-perform all other clipper handsets on key performance indicators including reliability, ease-of-use, finish and value for money.

The recently developed Heiniger X-Series is a technically advanced range of large animal clippers and includes the Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper and Heiniger Xperience for cattle and horse clipping while the Heiniger Xpert is designed specifically for shearing sheep.

Heiniger is also recognised as the world’s greatest shearing brand and employs Champion shearers around the world to constantly test, trial and develop new products – making shearing as easy as possible.

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