Farmer's Choice - Animal Nutrition

Farmer’s Choice is a unique, high quality, advanced nutritional range, specifically formulated to help farmers achieve maximum performance from their stock.

Farmer's Choice Chief Pharmacologist, Eddy Mehta, has developed the Farmer’s Choice product range in conjunction with farmers. The collection includes advanced livestock nutrition for sheep and cattle, with chelated trace elements, vitamins and minerals to provide vital complementary nutrition when its needed most. All Farmer’s Choice products are designed for ease of application, whether easy-mix calf or lamb colostrum, nutritional liquid sheep drench or small and easy to-swallow cobalt boluses.

Packaged with convenience in mind from drench ‘back-pack’ bottles with straps to the incredibly popular single feed calf colostrum bottles, the aim is to make life easier for farmers out in the field.

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Farmer's Choice
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