The Alligator mobile sheep handling system, allows sheep farmers to “take the pens to the sheep, not the sheep to the pens”.

Alligator mobile sheep handling systems are made from Aluminium, so are lightweight, durable, easily towed by quad bike and built to last. The system is quick to set up, taking just 10 to 15 minutes to build. Alligator’s concertina hurdles greatly speed up set up, being ready to use, straight from the trailer in long chains, this allows gathering and penning of your flock even faster.

Alligator is multi-functional, 5 foot hurdles double up as lambing pens and other accessories available include electronic weighing equipment, footbaths, shearing pens and much more.

Every sheep farmer has different needs; that’s why Alligator is built to your requirements, with no minimum order and a wide range of add-on components to make your life easier.

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