Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling System

The best mobile sheep handling system on the market. Manufactured in aluminium, durable, versatile, lightweight, easy to use and cost effective. Available for immediate collection or prompt delivery. Easily assembled and dismantled, Alligator is suitable for use on all terrains. A complete system is light enough to be towed by a quad but can also be towed comfortably over long distances by road.

Every Alligator system is assembled to meet the needs of the individual buyer by our Alligator Specialist, Chris Byrne. Alligator is available through most UK agricultural merchants or direct from Cox Agri. With the Alligator system, dosing sheep is a one-person job. Create a collecting pen and dosing race single-handedly and in less than 15 minutes, even at remote sites and on rough terrain. Keeping livestock movements to an absolute minimum improves productivity. Moving sheep around takes time, poses an increased risk to biosecurity and can create extra movement paperwork.

You can read an Alligator testimonial, download the Alligator Brochure or watch a video of the Alligator in action below. To request a free demonstration, a brochure or for more information please email us here or call the Alligator Hotline on 01207 523179. Export enquiries welcome.