Make your mark, with Top Marks

Top Marks Ram Harness and Crayons - Make your mark

What the best dressed rams will be wearing this season?

Surely it will be the Top Marks Super Comfort Ram Harness!

Top Marks is the new Ram Crayon and Harness system for 2015, from Cox Agri. Top Marks is designed for comfort and ease of use, the ram harness moulds to the body of the ram, stops chafing and securely holds the crayon firmly in place. This protects your investment in breeding stock and provides a more accurate mark, than old fashioned, ill-fitting harnesses.

The Top Marks harness is strapped on using buckle clips rather than traditional feed through buckles, which saves time and reduces animal handling, there is also no need to tip the ram to fit the harness, simply wrap around and click into place. Crayons are inserted and changed using a click in, click out slider, so you don’t even have to tip the ram to change the crayons or mess about with pins to secure the crayon in place.

The harness is stitched with Kevlar thread to make it rot-proof, it is made of bright orange webbing which allows you to spot your working rams easily in the field. All these features help to make crayon change and better management of your flock through breeding recording, so much simpler and faster.

Choose Top Marks this season to make the most of accurate tupping information and projected lambing dates, to help you cut unnecessary supplementary feeding costs, in a time of depressed lamb prices.