Alligator & QWIKEiD Competition Winner

"Better for sheep and better for people"

is what Derbyshire upland farmer John Longden says justifies a mobile handling system. "It's much easier taking your handling equipment to the sheep than bringing them to it," he explains.


It is 20 years since the partners at RS & EJ Longden & Sons acquired their first system at Andrews Farm near High Peak. Along with another newer version, John says the original system is still in good condition.

Even so, it may shortly feature in the 'For Sale' section of some classified ads. This is because the Longden family won the 2015 Alligator prize, run by Cox and Ritchey. Their prize is a an Alligator mobile sheep handling system worth in excess £5,000.

The Longdens' is a mixed livestock business, including a dairy herd, suckler beef and a large flock of Mule and Mule-cross-Texel ewes, bred to Texel and Suffolk tups. The family was presented with their system during a visit to LAMMA 2016 at the East of England Showground.

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