Vet-Lite Orthopaedic Tape 50mm (2")

Product Code: 185012

Vet-lite rolls for casting. High strength, low weight splinting and casting material. For small animals such as dogs and cats. Sets within 3-4 minutes and load bearing after 15-20 minutes. Easily cut, either hot or cold. Unaffected by contact with water, urine and faecal matter. Vet-lite consists of a composition of natural large mesh cotton barriers impregnated with thermoplastic, biodegradable non toxic resin. It is X-Ray translucent and unaffected by repeated heating and reshaping. Reforming or reshaping may easily be achieved by using a heat gun or by softening again in hot water. Vet-lite does not stick to fingers and there's no need to wear gloves. Vet-lite has a weight to strength ratio far greater than plaster cast bandages, giving increased mobility and comfort to the patient.

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