The Heiniger Xplorer makes clipping safer for animals and farmers - 17.04.2014

Clipping cattle is important in maintaining the condition of your herd and a new product is now available in the UK to make the process safer for animals and farmers.

Whether grooming, trimming or preparing for market you need a versatile clipper that’s easy to use.

Swiss engineering experts Heiniger have now introduced a product that promises to reduce the stress of clipping for users and their cattle.

The new Xplorer Cordless Clipper completes the Heiniger X-Series and provides a safe way of clipping cattle, with no cumbersome power cords. The innovative Xplorer combines Li-Ion battery technology with a unique body design to help you achieve a perfect clip with ease.

Corporate Accounts Manager, Ken Twigg, who has been involved with Heiniger for over 10 years said: "The new Heiniger Xplorer is powered by the latest generation permanent magnet motor as opposed to the old style electric motor. Its light and ergonomically designed to fit in the hand. It completes the X-Series and is a great addition to the range."

Precision engineering and advanced blade design has enabled Heiniger to provide market leading products since 1965, while the technologically advanced X-Series has taken clipping technology to new heights, reinforcing Heiniger’s position as a global market leader.