Sharon Hunt's Top Five Clipping Tips - 25.09.2014

Sharon Hunt, Olympic Medallist and International Event Rider, has been talking to us about her top tips for clipping your horse this autumn. Below and attached you can see Sharon's top five tips for perfecting a winning finish:

1 - Don’t leave straight lines to chance, a piece of chalk will enable you to draw your clip first, making sure it is straight and symmetrical. Be conservative at first, it is easy to take a little more off, but you can’t put it back on!

2 - Leave difficult areas until last and, if clipping the head, start under the chin to be sure your horse will let you do so, before you end up with one stripe down a cheek!

3 - Run the clippers for a few seconds before you start and let your horse feel the vibration through your hand. Even with an experienced horse this will help him relax.

4 - Start clipping in a less sensitive place, such as the shoulder and always clip against the lie of the coat, keep the blades flat otherwise you risk a stripy clip.

5 - Don’t forget to brush your horse off after clipping. This will remove the loose hair and stop him from itching when you rug him up.

Based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Sharon currently competes a number of horses across all levels including the World Equestrian Games, Burghley and Badminton.

Sharon has expertise and talent when it comes to producing world-class horses. As part of the 2008 Olympic team, Sharon and her equine partner Tankers Town - owned and ridden by Sharon since he was four - rode to secure the Bronze Team medal for Great Britain.

Sharon holds lessons and clinics to share her wealth of knowledge with riders that wish to improve their technique. For more information please visit