Love Metal Tags? Hate waiting for them? - 09.02.2015

Many farmers will wax lyrical about a metal secondary tag. They have excellent retention rates; they are small and unlikely to snag on barriers, feed troughs and fences; and then if the worst does happen and you lose a primary tag, the secondary metal will still be there for your replacement tag information.

What farmers hate about metal tags is the delay in their manufacture, with a service target of a maximum of five days, year round, from order to dispatch, QWIKsilver tags have market leading turnaround times.

They are also the only metal cattle tag manufactured from stainless steel, this makes QWIKsilver tougher than the competition, harder wearing and they won’t rust or fester in the ear.

Another problem solved by Stainless Steel is long term storage - no more rusting tags in the drawer! Like your cutlery QWIKsilver will stay permanently rust free.

Being stronger you might expect them to be harder to apply, but with the QWIKsilver cast aluminium tagger, tagging is a breeze, two clicks of the curl lock and the tag is securely fitted.