Farmer’s Choice has Cobalt Covered - 04.07.2014

Cox Agri offer an exciting nutritional cobalt supplement for sheep which has been developed specifically for the UK and Irish markets. The Bolus is part of ‘Farmer’s Choice’, a range of advanced livestock nutrition products.

Farmer’s Choice Cobalt Sheep Bolus provides a sustained long term daily release of Cobalt that avoids peaks and troughs in supplementation. The Cobalt bolus is designed to meet the Cobalt requirements of sheep in deficient areas, with a dosage rate of one bolus per sheep, per year. Each bolus provides 1mg of Cobalt per day to improve lamb vitality and maximise lambing percentages.

Farmer's Choice

Cobalt deficiency is usually dictated by the soil type and underlying geography, although with such long and heavy periods of rainfall as seen in recent years Cobalt deficiency is occurring in areas that have not suffered from this deficiency in the past.

Cobalt deficiency can cause loss of appetite, poor growth rates, weight loss, reduced milk production, infertility and increased perinatal disease. The clinical signs of Cobalt deficiency are most commonly observed in weaned lambs at pasture during the late Summer and Autumn and can often be identified by signs of lethargy, reduced appetite, poor wool condition and an open fleece as well as a small body size and poor body condition, despite the availability of adequate nutrition.

Trace element deficiencies, such as Cobalt deficiency, can lead to a reduction of commercial value and slower finishing and as such are vital to recognise and treat. To discover if your livestock are suffering from deficiencies tests can be undertaken on the sheep, the forage and the soil. Livestock testing can be in the form of blood testing and liver biopsies through vets. Forage testing and soil sampling can be used to check the current state of your farmland and forage, allowing you to make the necessary corrective changes at grass level and seek expert assistance in rectifying any imbalances.

Farmer's Choice Cobalt Bolus has a dosage rate of one bolus per year, making supplementation less time consuming, less onerous to keep up to date with and gives peace of mind that the Cobalt requirements of sheep and lambs over eight weeks old are met. The boluses are also small and easy to administer whilst providing long-lasting performance, meaning you only need to bolus once per year. Click here to find out more information or here to locate your nearest stockist.