Boost Your Lambing Percentages This Season - 22.12.2014

With lambing just around the corner, many new born lambs can be in need of nutritional support if a ewe is not milking initially or the weather is particularly wet and cold. NADIS estimate losses in an inclement lambing can be as high as 25% or several million dead lambs. Having these lambs alive and available to put through the sale ring in the back–end is a far more desirable outcome.

Farmer’s Choice Lamb Colostrum can help you achieve this. It is a unique formulation which incorporates fast acting energy sources to help get the lamb on its feet quickly with a complex mix of prebiotics, nucleotides, vitamins, chelated trace minerals and slower released energy sources to ensure continued health and growth.

Having the right balance of essential nutrients is not always enough, it must get into the lamb quickly and easily to do its work effectively. That’s why the scientists and nutritionists who formulated Farmer’s Choice Lamb Colostrum made absolutely sure that it is exceptionally easy to mix and that once mixed it is smooth and consistent without lumps, doesn’t separate, and doesn’t form fat globules floating on the surface. This smooth consistency means that it can be easily fed through a bottle or feeding tube without leaving a coating of key ingredients on the side of the tube, flask or bottle. This all adds up to Farmer’s Choice Lamb Colostrum being quickly and easily prepared to feed to new born lambs.

Farmer’s Choice Lamb Colostrum is available in 10, 20, 40 and 100 feed packs. If your merchant is out of stock, please ask him to order fresh supplies from Cox Agri, we will deliver this to them within 48 hours, alternatively phone us and we will direct you to your nearest stockist.