Avoid ‘weaning check’ with a nutritional boost for lambs - 02.04.2014

Farmers are aware a balanced diet is essential for the best possible livestock performance, profitability and return on their investment. Along with day-to-day forage and feed there are supplemented vitamins and trace elements, these are essential for health, growth and vitality. Supplemental nutrition can be delivered in a variety of ways, through licks, blocks, injections and oral supplements. Deciding which method to use often depends on personal preference and the requirements of this individual flock, achieving a balance is important, particularly in areas of deficiency or sub-optimal conditions.

A nutritional boost not only enhances performance but is especially important at times of stress. Weaning is an extremely stressful time for the lamb; they are removed from a steady feed source they have known since birth and left to fend for themselves, at this time many farmers experience a slowing or drop in lamb growth. An effective way to help avoid ‘weaning check’ is to drench with a balanced, organically chelated nutritional supplement, such as Farmer’s Choice Ovine Conditioner. Ovine Conditioner delivers an immediate energy boost, high levels of essential chelated trace elements, vitamins and amino acids to improve the overall condition of fattening lambs and carry them through this stressful period. Many farmers recommend that lambs be dosed a week or so before weaning but benefits can still be seen from a dose at the point of weaning.

Chelation is the bonding of micronutrient elements to amino acids; organic chelation means the micronutrients can be up to four times more bioavailable (able to be absorbed by a living organism) than normal chelated elements making these micronutrients more easily absorbed by the lamb.

You will have heard of Probiotics, in yoghurt and dairy drinks, Probiotics flood the gut with mainly a single strain of ‘good bacteria’ to the detriment of other helpful strains, Farmer’s Choice Ovine Conditioner instead contains Prebiotics, these feed all of the beneficial bacteria allowing them to multiply and grow, this results in enhanced immunity and better digestion.

So this season to encourage continuous growth and development, even at weaning why not consider an organically chelated nutritional supplement such as Farmer’s Choice Ovine Conditioner.

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