Cobalt Pellets for Sheep Pk 100

Product Code: 446014

Farmer's Choice Cobalt boluses provide a sustained, long term daily release of Cobalt that avoids peaks and troughs in the nutritional supplementation of your flock. The Cobalt bolus is designed to meet the Cobalt requirements of sheep in deficient areas, with a dosage rate of 1 bolus per sheep, per year. Cobalt deficiency (Pine) occurs where there are naturally low soil concentrations of Cobalt. Cobalt deficiency can cause: Loss of appetite Poor growth Weight loss Reduced milk production Infertility Increased perinatal disease Farmer's Choice Cobalt boluses provide year round protection. Annual dosing is more convenient, requires less handling time and gives peace of mind, knowing your flock's Cobalt. requirements are met. The boluses are easy to administer to both growing lambs and breeding stock. Supplied in tubs of 100 boluses. Dose: 1 bolus, per animal, per year. Release rate: 1mg Co per day.

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